Monday, September 19, 2016

Bringing the ICE Age to Indian Consumer on Their IPhone Devices

ICE age here refers to the three key sectors that have emerged in Indi- information, communication and entertainment. There is a young vibrant and technologically sophisticated generation of Indians who are willing to spend dollars not just for leisure but for the provision of leisure right at their doorsteps in a much customized format.

IPhone apps development companies will do well to target the pleasure seeking leisure class by offering recurring payment and billing based apps for downloads of music, videos, games, trailers of upcoming movies, sports and live streaming of concerts and events. While there is a buzz of competitors in this segment, the IPhone experience can be used to create a strong brand differentiator and position the offerings with great user interface, functionalities and custom fit features for offering a surreal experience. 

The IPhone applications market in India has just begun to explode. There is no dearth of opportunities in consumerist market like India. There are no such ways   to take these offerings out to the consumers who are willing to pay for the same. At VebSecure we have collaborated with real estate firms and construction companies to provide access to users about hire, purchase, rent, buy and sell options. This has also resulted in a significant dip in transaction costs, search costs to users and finally resulted in higher profits to real estate companies.

IPhone application development companies in India can look forward to these above stated verticals that hold promise. These are untapped platforms and in the language of business strategy are cash cows that offer instant gratification to the consumers and instant profitability to enterprises. Healthcare is getting highly polarized in favour of the private sector. Higher education is getting a boost like never before and if the current trends are anything to go by it is only a matter of time before FDI in higher education becomes a reality. Information, communication and entertainment will get personalized at office, home or even during travel, eventually.

To conclude IPhone apps development companies in India can look forward to rewarding times ahead if they collaborate in the right business verticals.

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